a specialist digital healthcare agency


When it comes to health, we understand, better
than anyone else out there, the unique relationships
that different audiences have with digital.

OK, so most people probably already know
what devices their audience use and what channels
they prefer. But if you don't know their style
of interaction, are you wasting an
opportunity to communicate effectively?

Before we do anything at ebee,
we gather valuable evidence
on your audience's behavioural
preferences using Spyder*

*Eek. Don't like spiders? Don't worry, it's not an eight-legged creepy crawly but an innovative,
validated tool that asks searching questions of your audience's digital behaviour.
Give us a call and we'll explain more.

Our analysts then interrogate this
extensive data to create a detailed
matrix of your audience's
which are measured
against our validated norms.

What's the norm for digital behaviour? Come and see us and we'll walk you through lots of interesting stats.

This unique behaviour
allows us to design
digital strategies and
award-winning creative
products that reflect
your audience's natural
behavioural preferences.

The result is powerful
and measurable digital
encounters between
people and brands

So how well do you know
your audience's digital behaviour?


Boy can these guys talk.
They love to express
their opinions,

and they want everyone to hear them. So it's no surprise that broadcasters
like to hang out in places with large networks where they can spread their
message far and wide. But beware. If you don't provide the megaphone
they need, they'll take their valuable opinions elsewhere.

Are you a Broadcaster?


Magpies like
to gather lots of
interesting stuff.

Which is why they choose to interact with digital that can
collect together all the latest info on areas, people and
organisations that interests them and then deliver it straight
to their nest.

Bit of a Magpie yourself?


They love to ping
stuff on. Click, woosh
and it's gone.

These guys instantly recognise when they find something they think others
may find valuable; an interesting article on an innovative new treatment or
maybe a compelling news piece. But they don't stop to add their opinion.
Just being known as the provider of great ideas is what fuels these dudes.

Know somebody who'll love what we're doing here at ebee?


You need a lot of fodder
for these beasts

and you'd better make it easily digestible. Grazers spend a lot
of time interacting with digital content, although they are not
usually looking for anything in particular. They just munch
away happily consuming what they come across, hoping,
every now and then for something surprisingly tasty.

Just grazing?


The virtual café was
invented for these guys.

The do-gooders of the digital space, Contributors add commentary and give advice.
They review places they have been and things they have read, as well as products
they have tried. This is particularly true when it comes to health issues because they
wholeheartedly believe that we all benefit from each other's experiences.

We love Contributors!


Forget the chase, Hunters
go straight in for the kill.

These guys are really focused, choosing only to target reputable sources
of information to increase their chances of finding exactly what they want.
So whatever you put out there, make it good or they'll eat you alive.

Are you a Hunter?


Virtually invisible online,
but we know they are there,
watching your every move.

Choosing not to interact with the digital world, Ghosts float around
silently looking for other people's opinions with which to calibrate
their own thoughts and behaviours. Spooky.

Are you a Ghost?


These highly sociable animals
use digital to stay connected
to their troop.

Desperate to be part of the gang, they spend a lot of time interacting
with digital, often on multiple devices. They are known to express
FOMO (fear of missing out) and so can be very easily attracted.
Banana anyone?

No FOMO here.


Seriously, it's all about the
fun factor with these guys.

If there's a challenge, they'll take it. If there's a fun way to waste time, they'll
do it. If there's a chance to score higher than their peers, they'll play again and
again until they get to the top of that leaderboard. Because, whether it's in
their leisure time or professional life, Gamers just love to be entertained.

I'm itching to play

Need deeper behavioural insights before
you start planning your digital strategy?
You'll be in good company.

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of your audience and the work we’ve done,
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