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What we do

At ebee we 
approach digital 

And because we start in a different place, we end up in a different place.

Our end users are our first users, too: we involve them in the creative process, watch them explore problems, and learn from their behaviours in order to give them not only the solutions they need, but the solutions they want.

ebee: make things people want.

Who we are

Emma Jarvis Emma Jarvis Director
Gemma Cathcart Gemma Cathcart Client Services Director
Bhupi Rehal Bhupi Rehal Group Technical Director
Melissa de Lusignan Melissa de Lusignan Group Creative Director
Janine Ellis Janine Ellis Project Director
Chris Power Chris Power Associate Creative Director
James Hardwick James Hardwick Associate Creative Director
Alex Hope Alex Hope Digital Strategist

Some of our clients:

Some of our clients Some of our clients
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